Institute for Policy and Opinion Research
Roanoke College


Interviewer Links

IPOR Interviewer Scheduling System

Use the above to access the IPOR Interviewer Schedule system to see your schedule for upcoming surveys and training sessions.

Voxco Agent (All Interviewing)

  • Main system to login to make calls through the Virtual Call Center.
  • Handles login for predictive (landline) calls and TCPA-compliant cell phone calls.
Old Voxco Agent (Do Not Use)
Old Old Voxco Agent (Do Not Use)

Virtual Call Center (Special Use Only)

  • Used for manual dialing methods and for some training sessions.
  • Should not ever be used, unless told otherwise!
Old VCC (Do Not Use)
Old Old VCC (Do Not Use)

Administrative Links

Virtual Call Center
(Old Interviewing)

  • Can be used for manual dialing interviews.
  • Can be used by a supervisor to bring up a case in interview mode.

Voxco Agent
(New Interviewing)

  • Portal for the Virtual Call Center for automatic dialing.
  • Can be used by a supervisor to bring up a case in interview mode (use preview mode for this).

Virtual Call Center
(Administrative Mode)

  • Used to remove ghost sessions.
  • Used to monitor (without audio) sessions.

Full Command Center (VPN Needed)
  • Used to bring up reports (including productivity).
  • Used to add interviewers that are missing from the system.
  • Used to examine details for a record (by ID or phone number).
  • Used by supervisors (along with Pronto) to monitor sessions (including audio).
  • Used for anything else, including callback assignment.
Old Command Center
Old Old Command Center (VPN Needed)

Other Links

IPOR Phone Number Center

  • Used to generate landline and cell phone numbers (specified quantity and regions).
  • Used to recode existing numbers into counties and regions.